Vision and Mission


We are committed to :

  • Provide equal opportunities to all.
  • Ensure dynamic teaching-learning process.
  • Equip students to become citizens who are competent,
  • Self-reliant and socially responsible.
  • Meet the educational requirements of the dynamic society.
  • Ensure Total Quality in every element of Organizational System.
  • To promote academic excellence through Enterprise Culture.
  • Encourage congenial work culture.
  • Responsive to the expectations of the Government, Students and all the stakeholders.
  • Adopt methodologies with focus on learner.
  • To inculcate service mentality among the students.


A Mission of Excellence in Teaching and Service to Working Adults

Our mission of is to provide high-quality, practitioner-oriented graduate management degree programs with an emphasis on excellence in teaching and service to adult learners. When you pursue your Post graduate degree at DIMS, you’re getting the experience and knowledge of more than 30 years in business-based higher education behind you. Our mission has fueled our steady program and geographic expansion and provided the foundation for our success in helping thousands of students annually achieve their career goals.

The following objectives reflect our mission in terms of desired overall student outcomes. These objectives evolve over time as the are shaped by students, faculty, staff, employers, other constituencies and the changing environment.

  • Developing students’ understanding of the language and information specific to business.
  • Enabling students to integrate concepts and skills across functional areas.
  • Strengthening students’ ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Instilling in students an appreciation of differences in cultures and values.
  • Providing students with the concepts and tools they need to contribute to the organizations’ ongoing efforts to improve quality and productivity.
  • Broadening and deepening students’ ability to effectively use technology to meet organizational goals.
  • Enabling students to effectively conduct applied business research.
  • Strengthening students’ leadership and team-building skills.
  • Enhancing students’ managerial decision-making skills while maintaining keen awareness of ethical considerations. Instilling in students the value of lifelong learning.